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- September 15, 2020

Is your website being reached on google?

Are you getting bang for your buck for your website and digital presence? Is your digital presence resulting in increased consumer engagement/traffic to your digital platforms and sales?

In this blog post we tackle these questions and how these are important considerations in digital presence and marketing.

Let’s say you are a small business owner and you had paid a once off fee for a company to build you a business website or you used free tools or tools offered by hosting companies, chances are you are not ranking well on Google searches nor is your website being found on search engine results.

What can you do to see if you are being found?

Lets assume that you do not have a digital marketing company which is running ad campaigns and advance analytics to track click-through rate, conversion etc to get you new customers, nor do they apply SEO techniques like keyword searches and social media marketing to increase traffic to your website and improve your google ranking.

We are going to explore two methods that you can use to see if your website can be found on a search engine results. The search engine we are going to use is Google.

The first step is to open your browser and search for your business’ address and see which businesses appear on the search results. If your business is not found among the businesses displayed on the search results that means Google does not know that this is your business address. It is important to at least be visible through Google my business for local customers to find your business online.

The second step is to search keywords of the services you offer in your area e.g. let say you are a automotive mechanic and one of the keywords you use in your website is “brake replacement”, then you should Google search “brake replacement your area (e.g. brake replacement Edenvale). Your website should be found on at least the first two pages of the search result even though the first page is first prize.

If neither of the two produces any result it means that even on a local search results your business is not being seen. Important to note is that it is easier to rank on local searches than general “keyword searches”.

The quickest way to get your business found on local searches is to register your business on Google my business. Another tip is Google gives preference to a secure website rather than an unsecure one, which means that your business website should have an SSL certificate.

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